32 Marketing Activities Rainmakers Did This Month
If ever there was a business development cheat sheet, this is it! I am going to tell you exactly what several of my multimillion-dollar rainmaking clients did this past month... (Read more...)

published May 23, 2017 in The Legal Intelligencer

Keep Things Short and To the Point: Marketing in Minutes
“ I don’t have time to market.” That sentence is said by lawyers every day. I have been counseling lawyers on how to effectively market for over 30 years and I am here to tell you the contrary is true.(Read more...)

published March 21, 2017 in The Legal Intelligencer

Is Your Receptionist Hurting or Helping Your Marketing Efforts?
Have you ever walked into a business and been warmly greeted by the receptionist? It is a very soothing and welcoming feeling. You enjoy being treated well and have a positive impression not just of the business you have entered—but about what is next to occur inside its walls. Conversely, have you (Read more...)

published January 25, 2017 in The Legal Intelligencer

Law Firms Doing Really Cool Marketing Things
One of the things I love about being a law firm marketing consultant is I get to watch firms innovate on ways to retain clients and get new ones. In the last few months, several “new” marketing activities have come to my attention that I thought were absolutely terrific. (Read more...)

published August 11, 2016 in The Legal Intelligencer

What the Phillie Phanatic Taught Me About Legal Marketing
Recently, I attended a lunchtime retreat offered by DillonMarcus, Executive Retreats on “How to Create Loyal, Loving Fans for Life,” which I heartily recommend you attend. The speakers were Evan Marcus and Tom Burgoyne, otherwise known as the Phillie Phanatic’s “best friends” for the past 26 years. Together they have written a soonto-be-published book that has a working title of “Pheel the Love.” (Read more...)

published May 24, 2016 in The Legal Intelligencer

What Free Things Should You Be Doing for Your Clients?
We all know now that your invoice is likely the most read piece of paper or email that your corporate client receives, and I am sure your clients are delighted beyond words to receive your invoices, right? What? Not true? Well, this could be the case if you are giving your clients value-added services that you actually list on the invoice with the word “gratis” next to each entry. (Read more...)

published March 22, 2016 in The Legal Intelligencer

Marketing With Personal Touches That Cost Next to Nothing
I was told three stories this month by different lawyers that I must share with you. Each tale made me realize that some very small gestures—made by lawyers—can have a profound impact on their clients. At a time when marketing budgets are stressed, lawyers should view these stories as a kind of roadmap into what they could be doing to strengthen bonds with clients at a minimal cost. (Read more...)

published November 24, 2015 in The Legal Intelligencer

10 Marketing Activities Small, Midsized Firms Should Engage in Now
I am sad to say this but many small to midsized law firms are seeing flat revenues. This trend can be reversed if law firm leaders encourage their colleagues to do the following right away. (Read more...)

published September 22, 2015 in The Legal Intelligencer

Getting Extreme Mileage Out of Your Speaking, Writing Efforts
My clients know that I love the phrase “four bangs for the buck.” For decades I have been preaching that every expenditure of nonbillable marketing time spent writing an article or preparing a speech should be repurposed at least four times to get maximum exposure and reap the most possible opportunities. Now I am here to say that my new expression should be 13 bangs for the buck. (Read more...)

published July 28, 2015 in The Legal Intelligencer

What Clients Want From Lawyers: A Blueprint for Your Practice
I have been a law firm marketing consultant for over 20 years and during that time I have spoken to hundreds of your clients. I know what they want. Plain and simple, if you want to grow your practice, follow this blueprint. (Read more...)

published May 26, 2015 in The Legal Intelligencer

Ideas to Get Credentialed and Develop Your Own Reputation
In many law firms, senior partners with well-known practices and reputations can overshadow the business development efforts of younger partners and associates. Their reputations can loom extremely large. This can cause younger lawyers great frustration in jumpstarting their own marketing efforts. However, there are easy tried-and-true ways for a junior lawyer to slowly, yet predictably, get out of the shadow of a senior lawyer and develop his or her own reputation and client roster. (Read more...)

published March 24, 2015 in The Legal Intelligencer

12 Steps to Make Your Law Firm Website Bio Work for You
Did you know that the bio pages of a law firm website are usually the most heavily visited of any portion of a law firm’s site? It’s true and yet, after reading thousands of lawyer bios, I have concluded that most do very little to effectively promote their subjects. (Read more...)

published November 25, 2014 in The Legal Intelligencer

A Marketing Consultant’s Argument for the End of ‘Dress Casual’
My job as a law firm marketing consultant is to always give lawyers the best advice to help them get more business. I am going to give you my very best advice today that could make all the difference in your practice. It will be very short and sweet and I am sorry, but you may not like it. (Read more...)

published July 22, 2014 in The Legal Intelligencer

Where Should You Be Spending Your Legal Marketing Time?
Several years ago at an American Bar Association law practice management section marketing conference, a partner with a prominent intellectual property firm told the audience a wonderful story. He described how the firm had set out to do more IP work for an industry sector and had selected as its target the food industry. Tapping themselves as the “peanut butter and jelly IP lawyers,” the lawyers headed out to be exhibitors and participants at food industry conferences and they wrote an industry-targeted book on intellectual property. Importantly, their work paid off. (Read more...)

published May 27, 2014 in The Legal Intelligencer

How to Market a Commercial Litigation Practice: Experts Opine
Commercial litigators have long bemoaned the episodic nature of their practice—and used it, dare I say, as a crutch or rationale for not engaging in active business development. While they may not know when or where their next case is coming from, there are definite steps they can take to ensure the case does come their way. (Read more...)

published March 21, 2014 in The Legal Intelligencer

Give Your Referral Sources a Ton of Tender Loving Care
A powerful radio station seems to be overtaking the airwaves and brainwaves. The name of the station is WIIFM. The call letters translate into “what’s in it for me” and all of us are listening to it 24/7. I am not saying that this is a bad thing—just that it is a reality and one that lawyers have to accept to properly market their services. Based on this reality, lawyers today need to market their practices by doing a lot of helpful things to others. (Read more...)

published January 28, 2014 in The Legal Intelligencer

How to Get Started When You Only Have a Few Clients
Lately, I have been meeting with lots of lawyers who fall into two categories. First, those that have come out of senior legal positions within the government and therefore have no clients, and second, midlevel partners who have toiled for firm clients and have very little origination on their own. What do they have in common? They both want more clients but have no clear plan as to how to find them. Here are some of the things I have been suggesting they do: (Read more...)

published November 26, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Examine Your Law Practice Through Your Clients’ Eyes
Have you looked under the hood lately? Do a client service maintenance check to grow your business. (Read more...)

published September 27, 2013 in Daily Business Review

A Beach-Friendly To-Do List for Getting More Business
There are hundreds of articles providing advice on how to market your law practice successfully. Heck, I have written a barrel full of them. The key for any lawyer is to find out what works for them — whether it is an activity, a mindset, or an exercise (and I don’t mean cardio). I always tell lawyers: only go outside your comfort zone by 10 percent. You have to do things that are authentic to you and sit right in your stomach. (Read more...)

published July 23, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Ten Tips for More Referrals From Other Lawyers
For lawyers who depend on referrals from other lawyers to build their practice, I have news for you. There are marketing activities you need to do offline and online that can make this happen. a combination of these things is a must. underlying all of these suggestions is the command that you must treat your referral sources like clients — or better yet — royalty. (Read more...)

published January 29, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Holiday Gift to Lawyers: Marketing Advice From the Experts
Over time, i have found that there are some real giants in the land of law firm marketing. as my holiday gift to you, i reached out to some of them for their best advice to grow revenues in 2013. (Read more...)

published December 18, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

You Want to Be Successful? Create a Personal Brand
With thousands of great lawyers in this area, how does one stand out in the crowd? Let’s face it: You and all your colleagues in the bar can start to look alike. You received the same training in speaking, researching and advocating in law school. So what will differentiate you from the competition? The answer is a personal brand. (Read more...)

published October 16, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Implementing a 90-Day Plan to Grow Your Practice
One of the hottest areas of law firm marketing today is one-on-one coaching. I have been providing this service to clients for years. But I am here to tell you that many lawyers do not need a coach to do some successful marketing. Business development has a very simple formula and once you know it, you can repeat it over and over again to grow your practice. (Read more...)

published August 21, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

More on My Evening With Multimillion-Dollar Rainmakers
In my last article (“My Night With a Few Multimillion-Dollar Rainmakers,” published April 24 in The Legal), I shared some observations and tips that I garnered from meeting with a handful of rainmakers who each had $5 million to more than $20 million in business annually. I was amazed at the enormous response to the article and especially floored by how many other extremely successful lawyers wrote me — wanting me to tell their story. So without further adieu, and because you asked for it, here are more tried and true tips and reflections from the real McCoy — lawyers who make it look easy and continue to bring in millions to their firms year after year. (Read more...)

published July 13, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

My Night With a Few Multimillion-Dollar Rainmakers
In the last few months, I have had conversations with four multimillion- dollar rainmakers from firms of various sizes. They ranged in age from 50-65. I mention their ages because several times, they reminded me that nothing happened to them overnight, and indeed “slow and steady” most certainly did win the race for them. Their books of business range from $2 million to over $25 million. I thought I would share with you some of their best tips and some observations of my own.
(Read more...)

published April 24, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Does Your Firm's Marketing Committee Get Anything Done?
There are many reasons why marketing committees are unproductive and dysfunctional. I want to end the hours of unproductive meetings and provide a primer on what a marketing committee should look like and do. Get ready to change the status quo. (Read more...)

published February 24, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Marketing Items Your Firm Should Have on Its Priority List
Does this sound like your firm?It's a new year and you want your firm to grow and prosper. You have tried lots of different marketing activities over the last few years but you did not see any home runs. You are not sure which of your activities have paid off the most or the least. Your revenues are flat or perhaps you had a good year because of one case that has now settled. (Read more...)

published January 24, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Innovations in Law Firm Marketing:Which Firms Are Doing Cool Things That Work?
Earlier this month, I sent out a “call” on LinkedIn, on various law marketing listservs and at programs I was speaking at for anyone to tell me what they were doing that was “outside the box” in law firm marketing. “Out with brochures, seminars, newsletters and e-alerts,” I advised — I wanted to spread the news of firms that were really doing something different. Firms from around the United States — and even Poland — wrote to tell me about their new marketing initiatives. So without further adieu, here is some news from the front. (Read more...)

published December 20, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

Stress-Free Ideas for Relieving Marketing Panic
Your firm is putting pressure on you to bring in business. You want to bring in business but the idea of asking for work literally terrifies you or flat out does not agree with you. If you absolutely, or even just a little, detest the idea of trying to bring in business, help is here. There are easy things you can do which do not involve putting your ego out there and suffering a possible rejection. (Read more...)

published October 17, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

You Want Clients? 10 Ways to Make it Easy for Them to Find You
Two immutable facts: You want clients and you are in the service business. Now, in spite of these two well-known facts, I am constantly shocked at how hard law firms and lawyers make it for clients to reach them. Well we are going to fix that right now... (Read more...)

published July 25, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

Don't Have Time to Market? 10 Tips for Every Swamped Lawyer
No matter what law firm I am working with, I always encounter lawyers who say: "I would love to market, but I do not have any more time in the day and I am just trying to keep my head above water with client demands."Now some marketing consultants might say: "I get it. No problem. Making sure that current clients get tremendous service and legal advice is paramount." I don't disagree with this. I just think you can do both — work and market. Here's how... (Read more...)

published May 17, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

Want to Grow Your Revenues? Talk to Your Associates and Staff!
There once was a magical land where a king and the wealthy class owned all the businesses and oversaw thousands of skilled workers. The king and his Court never dared thank or speak to those toiling workers about their lives and how the various businesses could be improved. Soon workers were despondent, uncaring and bad- mouthing both the king and the land they used to love. Their work suffered and as a result, businesses stopped growing and profits fell. (Read more...)

published March 15, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Twenty Things You Can Do for Clients for Free"
Now more than ever, great rain-makers know that their mantra is “Give to get.” instead of looking at every client as a dollar sign, smart business getters will turn most of the marketing energy into giving more than just billable services to each and every client. savvy lawyers today will be looking for countless ways to add value to the client’s life and world in ways that do not show up on the bills. (Read more...)

published January 18, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

"You Have a New Website? You're Moving? Big Deal! - How to Get Clients Excited About Law Firm News"
I have many clients doing exciting things -- from moving to new and improved offices, to rolling out new websites, blogs, microsites and other initiatives. And each and every one of them asks me how to promote -- to the max -- this unbelievable news! (Read more...)

published November 24, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Marketing Your Firm: 10 Things You Can Do Now to Make a Difference"
Like clockwork every fall once the summer ends and kids go back to school — my phone
starts ringing with calls from law firms who see a long fall and winter ahead and are re-energized to rev up their business development activities. Most of these firms do not have marketing plans in place and are looking to “get something going” right away. Well here is your fall marketing “to-do” list. (Read more)

published September 22, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

"10 Ways to Improve Law Firm Client Service"
It’s funny. When I ask lawyers if they are delivering outstanding service to their clients, they always seem to answer, “You bet!” Everyone thinks their service is tops. But when you talk to clients, and ask them for their views on the type of service they are receiving, most give their firms a “C” grade.

published August 6, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

"What to Do When Your Client Is Dissolved or Merged"
As the economy continues to improve, more and more companies will be looking for opportunities, and oftentimes, they will come in the form of acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, dissolutions and more. It’s good news for business lawyers, but potentially bad news if you represent one of the companies being dissolved or merged into another.

published March 19, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Every Lawyer in Your Firm Should NOT Have a Marketing Plan"
by Stacy West Clark
There, I said it. You read this right. Every lawyer in your firm should not have a marketing plan. Sounds like heresy and the last thing you would expect me to say as a law firm marketing consultant hired to help lawyers implement plans. But I have thought long and hard about it.

published January 19, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Networking: If Done Right, It Really Works"
By Stacy Clark
Are you afraid to network? Does it seem like a real pain to you and something that has never produced any results? Well, if you do it right networking can actually be fun and productive. But, it is all about doing it right - not just grinding your teeth through it. The art of networking is about starting conversations - and then relationships - with others. From a business development standpoint, your ability to start relationships with other professionals successfully and memorably will greatly help you grow your practice.

published December 2009 in the online publication, Law Practice Today

"Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site"
by Stacy West Clark and Jason P. Lisi
You have just developed, or revitalized, a now wonderful Web site. You have poured dollars and time into creating an informative and client-friendly site. Or, better still, you have developed a microsite dealing with one specialty area of your practice. Now what? How do you get visitors to come to your site?

published August 20, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Associates in Law Firms - Rise and Market"
by Stacy West Clark

published June 16, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

"25 Value-Added Services to Offer Your Clients for Free"
I want you to consider all of the “free” things you can do for current clients, referral sources and potential clients, and if you do the steps I outline below, you will get business, you will get referrals and you will actually come out of this hard time way ahead of your competitors.

published April 21, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Listen to the Voice of Your Clients"
Listen hard to what your clients really want.

published January 13, 2009 on Philadelphia Bar Associations's YLD Ezine

"Empowering Firm Staff to Generate More Client Business"
by Stacy West Clark
published October 21, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Reassure Your Clients in Tough Times"
Times are tough for everyone. Go out and visit your clients.

published September 30, 2008 on Philadelphia Bar Associations's YLD Ezine

"Innovation Can Lead to More Business for Firms"
by Stacy West Clark
published July 29, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Is Your Next Client Just a Click Away?"
by Julie Meyer and Stacy West Clark
Cover story in The Philadelphia Lawyer, Spring 2008
©2008 The Philadelphia Lawyer. Used with permission.

"Targeting Industries Can Build Strong Practices"
Published March 18, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Law Firm Marketing: Pitching to a Prospect and Getting Your Ducks in Order"
Published January 15, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

"30 Years of Law Firm Marketing: How Far Have We Come?"
Published October 16, 2007 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Creating Sources for Referrals Can Be a Resource for Lawyers"
Published March 20, 2007 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Focus on Following Up: Getting Work From That Speech You Just Made"
Published February 8, 2007 in Young Lawyer, The Legal Intelligencer

"Can a Client Seminar Bring You Business?"
You bet –if you do it right! Ten (Ok 11) fast tips.

"Cherishing Your Clients"
How to make the most of client interviews to bring in more work.

Published in the December/January 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

"The Golden Rule of Keeping Clients: Do Unto Them as You Would Have Your Doctor Do Unto You!"
Published November 9, 2006 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Red Hot Branding"
Activities that can help to maximise the long-term success of your branding initiatives.

Published in the August/September 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

"Let It Rain"
Non-marketing staff can play a key role in securing business-development opportunities outside of targeted marketing campaigns. Stacy West Clark details some popular - and effective - approaches to rainmaking for lawyers.

Published in the June/July 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

"Hunting for Clients: How to Get Started"
Many lawyers in the Delaware Valley have thought long and hard about getting more business. If you are one of the many who would like to have a bigger book of business, you have probably asked yourself, "How do I get started? What should I do first? What tools do I need? Where should I spend my valuable time?" Here come your answers.

Published April 13, 2006 in The Legal Intelligencer

"Is Your Marketing a Laughing Matter? How Law Firms Are Winning Business with Humor"
Humor strikes a chord and makes the moment memorable. And law firms are increasingly putting it to use in their marketing and recruiting materials to very serious purpose—with big effects.

Published October/November 2005 in the ABA's Law Practice: The Business of Practicing Law

Law Firm Marketing. 15 Quick Ideas to Grow Your Practice in 2005
Since the "birth" of law firm marketing in the late 1970s, lawyers around the country have experimented with scores of different marketing activities in an effort to increase their business. Some of these activities worked, many did not. Those that failed resulted in lawyers squandering away precious hours and marketing dollars.

Published Winter 2005 in The Philadelphia Lawyer

Law Firm Marketing. Don't Get Left Behind: What Small Firms Can Learn From What the Large Firms Are Doing
Firms are pouring time, energy and money into creating innovative and interactive Web sites and blogs. Many firm Web sites provide news of attorney speeches and awards, and provide copies of firm press releases, practice-area newsletters and lawyer-authored publications.

Published Summer 2004 in The Philadelphia Lawyer

“Small Firms and Solos are Delivering Giant-Sized Client Service”
Imagine having a physician who never keeps you waiting, returns your phone calls right away, gives you his or her home phone number to call if you don't feel well after office hours and e-mails you regularly with news about specific new medical advances that might affect you - all without being asked to do so! This is exactly the kind of service some small firms today are delivering to their clients. In today's high-tech, 24-hour, non-stop world, solo practitioners and small firms are coming up with extraordinarily clever ways of providing their clients with exceptional legal work and service.

- Published July 2004 in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing

Your Assistant Is Your Secret Marketing Edge"
Are you overlooking one of the greatest tools in your marketing arsenal? You are if you're failing to give your legal assistant or secretary an active role in your business development efforts.

- Published September 2003 in Law Practice Management

Women Rainmakers Share Their Top Tips
Fee-earners from across the continent e-mailed their best tips on an ABA listserv, recommending steps to take and books to read.

- Published June 2004 in Professional Marketing North America