Archived Articles (2013-2004)

How to Get Started When You Only Have a Few Clients
published November 26, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Examine Your Law Practice Through Your Clients’ Eyes
published September 27, 2013 in Daily Business Review

A Beach-Friendly To-Do List for Getting More Business
published July 23, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Ten Tips for More Referrals From Other Lawyers
published January 29, 2013 in The Legal Intelligencer

Holiday Gift to Lawyers: Marketing Advice From the Experts
published December 18, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

You Want to Be Successful? Create a Personal Brand
published October 16, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Implementing a 90-Day Plan to Grow Your Practice
published August 21, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

More on My Evening With Multimillion-Dollar Rainmakers
published July 13, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

My Night With a Few Multimillion-Dollar Rainmakers
published April 24, 2012 in The Legal Intelligencer

Innovations in Law Firm Marketing:Which Firms Are Doing Cool Things That Work?
published December 20, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

Twenty Things You Can Do for Clients for Free
published January 18, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer

Marketing Your Firm: 10 Things You Can Do Now to Make a Difference
published September 22, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

10 Ways to Improve Law Firm Client Service
published August 6, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

What to Do When Your Client Is Dissolved or Merged
published March 19, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

Every Lawyer in Your Firm Should NOT Have a Marketing Plan
published January 19, 2010 in The Legal Intelligencer

Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
published August 20, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

Associates in Law Firms – Rise and Market
published June 16, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

25 Value-Added Services to Offer Your Clients for Free
published April 21, 2009 in The Legal Intelligencer

Listen to the Voice of Your Clients
published January 13, 2009 on Philadelphia Bar Association’s YLD Ezine

Empowering Firm Staff to Generate More Client Business
by Stacy West Clark

Reassure Your Clients in Tough Times”
published September 30, 2008 on Philadelphia Bar Associations’ YLD Ezine

Innovation Can Lead to More Business for Firms
published July 29, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

Targeting Industries Can Build Strong Practices
Published March 18, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

Law Firm Marketing: Pitching to a Prospect and Getting Your Ducks in Order
Published January 15, 2008 in The Legal Intelligencer

30 Years of Law Firm Marketing: How Far Have We Come?
Published October 16, 2007 in The Legal Intelligencer

Creating Sources for Referrals Can Be a Resource for Lawyers
Published March 20, 2007 in The Legal Intelligencer

Focus on Following Up: Getting Work From That Speech You Just Made
Published February 8, 2007 in Young Lawyer, The Legal Intelligencer

Can a Client Seminar Bring You Business?

Cherishing Your Clients
Published in the December/January 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

The Golden Rule of Keeping Clients: Do Unto Them as You Would Have Your Doctor Do Unto You!
Published November 9, 2006 in The Legal Intelligencer

Red Hot Branding
Published in the August/September 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

Let It Rain
Published in the June/July 2006 issue of Legal Marketing

Hunting for Clients: How to Get Started
Published April 13, 2006 in The Legal Intelligencer 

Is Your Marketing a Laughing Matter? How Law Firms Are Winning Business with Humor
Published October/November 2005 in the ABA’s Law Practice: The Business of Practicing Law

Law Firm Marketing. 15 Quick Ideas to Grow Your Practice in 2005
Published Winter 2005 in The Philadelphia Lawyer

Law Firm Marketing. Don’t Get Left Behind: What Small Firms Can Learn From What the Large Firms Are Doing
Published Summer 2004 in The Philadelphia Lawyer

Small Firms and Solos are Delivering Giant-Sized Client Service
Published July 2004 in Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing

Your Assistant Is Your Secret Marketing Edge
Published September 2003 in Law Practice Management

Women Rainmakers Share Their Top Tips
Published June 2004 in Professional Marketing North America