Assessing the Client Experience to Improve It:

Secret Shopping the Firm

Have you ever actually walked in the shoes of your client and visitors and experienced, from their perspective:

  • what it’s like to call your firm
  • use the firm’s website to find something
  • get a response about something
  • receive assistance in an emergency?

Have you ever asked for this kind of feedback from clients?

What you do not know—what you assume is just fine—can really hurt you.

IT’S A FACT:  An outstanding client experience = higher client satisfaction = higher revenues.

What we offer:

Stacy regularly helps law firms increase revenues by helping them identify—and then working to fix—aspects of the client experience with the firm that are negative in any way.

Clients react to every interaction with your firm. Your firm may think it is offering a premier client experience—in terms of responsiveness, accessibility, communication, invoicing, physical space, and more—but in the many times Stacy has checked this for a client, much was uncovered AND much needed to be improved.

In her comprehensive review, Stacy checks the following components of the client experience to make sure every “point of entry” is outstanding:


  • Attorney and staff responsiveness to phone calls and emails and inquiries through the website
  • What happens when a caller is in voicemail and wants to talk to a knowledgeable person NOW
  • What happens when a client speaks to or meets the receptionist—or the back-up receptionist, during the day and evening hours
  • The firm’s automated messages on the phone 24-7
  • What a client sees when they check you out on the internet
  • A client’s ability to get what they need on the website within 1-2 clicks
  • Understanding the client’s experience when they come to the office (reception area, conference rooms, attorney offices, and more)
  • Review of the firm’s social media accounts and how well they are “doing” from the standpoint of reaching clients, and
  • Actual client input and feedback.


The deliverables:

  • The firm gets a full report on specific areas that should be improved asap, and
  • Help with implementation if desired.

For more information about this service, please contact Stacy.