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Stacy West Clark  

Have you been looking for someone who can really help you expand your practice and become better known in your field? Your search can stop.

Since 1992, Stacy Clark Marketing LLC has been helping lawyers, other professionals and business owners around the Delaware Valley find new clients, get more work from existing clients and become better known in the business community.

For over 20 years, the firm has advised distinguished lawyers and law firms, art consultants, physicians, software professionals and authors on ways to promote themselves and expand their businesses. The firm’s work has resulted in thousands of dollars in new revenue to her clients and greater public awareness of their firms' names.

Stacy Clark Marketing LLC is probably one of the few consulting firms that was created at clients’ request. Upon hearing that Ms. Clark was leaving Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, where she had served as the firm’s first national Director of Client Relations from 1986-1992, law firms who had seen her in action called and asked for her help and advice.

Stacy West Clark, Esq., President of Stacy Clark Marketing LLC prides herself on offering her clients innovative and effective marketing programs that the client can implement without the help of a consultant. Her wish is to empower her clients with great ideas that they and their staffs can put into place by themselves, unless further support from her is desired.